B.Com LL.B v. B.A. LL.B

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May 21, 2021

Welcome to the Law School edition of “Sophie’s Choice”. The only difference here is that you have to choose which law course you would like to study: B.A. LL.B or B.Com LL.B

You’ve finally gotten into law school after sleepless nights and immense efforts. But, again a decision has to be made. Now, this decision is something that is going to stick with you for your entire graduation period. The 5-year integrated LL.B is a combination of two degrees, one being LLB and the other being an additional course. You’re supposed to decide which course would be the right fit for you. In some colleges, you might get an option between a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) and in some, between a BBA or a BA. This can be a tough decision to make. Most of the students who appear for the law entrance examinations don’t quite have an idea about it. 

We’ve been there and we’ve got you!

Let’s see what our writers need to say about this:

B.Com LL.B

Hello y’all, I’m Asmita, and I’m a first-year B.Com LL.B student.

So, one point difference between both these courses lies in their names themselves. BA deals with arts/ humanities subjects (like political science, history, etc.) and B.Com deals with commerce subjects (like accountancy and business management). Other than certain subjects, all the other ones are common for both these courses as a part of your LLB program. A wise decision would be to look into your college prospectus and then choose. 

Now, I chose B.Com. LLB. It gave me a chance to experience the commerce stream which I was always intrigued about as a science student, and well, political science always made me dizzy (lol). For me, it was challenging to cope with the commerce students in accountancy. But the silver lining was that once I understood accounting, it wasn’t that difficult. Not to brag, but the ledger posting was a piece of cake for me. Trust me on this, once you take up these subjects, they’ll make you fall in love with them. Always remember that if I can do it, so can you!


Yugam here is a BA LLB student, and here’s what he has to say:

My experience of taking up BA LLB was amazing. I have always loved reading political and historical stuff. But at the same time, I was very skeptical about some of the new subjects like sociology and psychology. 

The journey of having political science as a subject was full of enthusiasm as I got to know about how important political science is for a law student. The second subject which I studied in BA LLB was history. History intrigued curiosity in my mind and hence, I adapted to this approach in other sectors of my life.

Another subject I studied in my first year was economics. Economics is something which I find the most interesting out of all the subjects of BA LLB. Initially, I didn’t quite understand the various odd-sounding terms used by these economists, it was Hebrew for me, but, as I proceeded with economics, I started to relate it with real-life experiences and scenarios. It was lovely getting to know about various problems and policies which society faces. Now I can say that I am content after choosing BA LLB.

Addressing misconceptions:

As students who have experienced this fix, we would like to break some misconceptions. You might’ve heard from your nosy neighbor aunty that this decision is going to harm your future placements or opportunities. The simple and firm answer to this is ‘no’.

No pattern has been observed which proves that a particular combination of subjects lands you a great job after graduating. None of the two additional courses close any of your career opportunities. B.Com students cannot do litigation or BA students cannot join corporate firms is only a great myth. 

A note from us:

The only way you can be where you want to be is by studying and working hard. It depends on the number of internships you do and your performance in them; the moots you take part in and the research papers you’ve written. Try to make the best out of what you have and focus on your ultimate goal (God, I sound like a preach).

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