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May 21, 2021

We, the future lawyers of India expect decisions to be made as fast as a snap of a finger but are either diverted or confused. Some of them don’t even have an idea regarding the law school they would end up in. Even after cracking monstrous examinations like CLAT and AILET, the young law aspirants find it difficult to choose whether they should go to WBNUJS or NLU Delhi.

We get it. We understand your confusion and the anxiety this gives you. 

Every young law student has thousands of questions in their mind while selecting their dream law school. So, if you are thinking about the prerequisites one should keep in mind while choosing a good law school, you would get to know all of them by the end of this blog. 

“Any law school that a student considers must meet certain standards”. A student must consider these standards as a touchstone for their ideal law school of choice.

1. Recognized and Affiliated

The most important thing to check before choosing a law school is to enquire from where it is approved. A good law school would surely be recognized and affiliated by the Bar Council of India (BCI). If it is approved by the BCI, you can place your belief and have faith in them for the next five golden years of your life.

There are several law schools in India. “With getting easy recognition and approval from the central and the state governments,” you would see a flock of law schools at the very corner of your street. 

Did you know, the BCI has stripped 25 law colleges of their certificates and recognition, as of December 4, 2019? So, to avoid being defrauded, you should consider this criterion.

2. Faculty

After recognition and affiliations to BCI, utmost emphasis must be laid on finding the quality of the faculty of the law school. It is the teachers, who help you understand the curriculum; they are the ones who will make sure that you can digest difficult legal concepts and principles. So, to understand the quality of the faculty, you must visit the official website of the law school and go through the educational qualifications of the faculty. This will help you in knowing their background and you can then have a developed perspective about them.

3. Infrastructure

Make sure that whichever law college you decide to go to, you must once pay a visit or check the official website of that college to ensure that where you live for the next 3 or 5 years is apt and pertinent to you. The daily routine of a law student can be tiring, so you should look for open and relaxed campus. One should not feel that their law school is a jail where everyone is treated like they have committed some sort of crime.

“One should try to feel as if they’re at home”.

4. Co-Curricular Activities

These may not be a part of the regular curriculum but must be included in the education system of the college. Activities such as dancing, acting, debating, sports, etc help the students to learn through practical situations. Such activities also refresh one’s mind. 

Imagine what would happen if the students were only exposed to lectures and notes. That would be boring AF!!! They would just stand like a bunch of losers who would have no answers to what life would throw at them.

“A law school should be active in organizing competitions to analyze and introspect their level in their respective fields.”

5. Placements and Internships

reality of placements in law school

I know some people might say that law school is not a job- guarantee machine. I may agree with you, but a law school must provide opportunities for internships so that they can get to know what takes place in a well-reputed law firm or how a top-notch lawyer approaches an issue or thinks for finding a way out of serious issues.

After narrowing down to this, the last but not the least essential advice for a young legal aspirant is to seek maximum return on investment. This may sound absurd but consider this:

An average law school costs an average of 10- 15 lakh rupees and 5 years of your most crucial time. These 5 years would be full of hard work, anxiety, stress, and toil. Considering this, you wouldn’t want your hard work to go to waste. It would be better if your law school has a good reputation and recognition in the legal fraternity. Finding a good law school could be tough but is surely equally rewarding, if not more.

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Thank you! Glad it helped you!

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What is my benefit after visiting the website?I m professionaly a advocate from 14 years at district court hoshiarpur Punjab and at civil courts garhshankar district hoshiarpur Punjab


Sir the blog has a category called ‘future’ which will basically cover everything from after one graduates from a law school, it will help you also to know about other opportunities in the legal field and explore more about the same.

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