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May 29, 2021

Long story short studying law in online mode is like ordering a delicious meal and you get it via mail in a pdf form.

While joining law school, all I ever imagined was attending law school in a black suit, listening to lectures, participating in moots, interacting with professors, but all this fancy imagination was halted by a zoom call.

The stark difference between what I imagined for my college and what I am getting is so huge. I hoped to interact with the best legal minds of the nation, whereas now I am forced to sit at home pretending to attend my online classes while wasting my time on YouTube. I hoped to participate in moot courts around the country but my damn college is not even letting me participate in virtual ones.

Studying law in online mode is not an easy task. It comes with many challenges for both professors and students. All of us know that there is not enough room for interacting in online mode. Professors keep calling names of students but all they get in return is pin-drop silence. We, as students, are not as attentive as we used to be in offline classes (earlier we at least slept hiding our faces from professors, like that is the utmost form of respect, lol).

reality of online classes

The ‘struggle’ we are facing these days is the burden of infinite assignments and projects which we have no clue about. If the professor ends class 5 minutes before the scheduled time, they give us two assignments for leaving us “early”. Be it Holi, Diwali, Eid, or any festival, they give us endless assignments and projects and the deadline is usually of only a day or two which causes nothing but mental stress.

As exams are also being conducted in online mode, so just like online classes, these online exams are also of no value. You’ll not believe but I came to know about my contract’s exam on the same day as the exam (judging by this y’all know how amazingly super-duper student I am), but because it is online, I easily scored 90% in my first semester thanks to Google and online remote proctored exams.   

the plight of law students during online classes

I was always a bit of an extrovert. I love mingling with anyone I know, but after coming to my ‘so-called’ dream college, I have been forcefully transformed into an introvert. Coming from a not so “smart city”, I am not that familiar with the chatting lingo which the peers of mine are so fluent in.

After watching ‘gulaal’, I was so scared of ragging that I always got petrified after even hearing the name ‘college’, but after attending 6 months of zoom classes with no guidance, I hoped to interact with some of my seniors casually without some teacher watching us. It is often said among lawyers that,

“While teachers teach the actual law, it is seniors who teach young advocates how to manipulate it to one’s benefit”. 

Talking to my seniors and providing them with brand-new meme material (i.e., me), I thought to myself, would it have been this easy to talk to them for the first time on campus? I guess we’ll never know. The highlight is that I’m somewhat adjusted to the fact that ‘when it’s right, it’s right’, so now whenever we’ll get to go to college, we’ll have a blast (not literally) but until then viva la vida (go, google this, lol).

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