Private law college vs a lower-tier National Law University

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May 30, 2021

“You don’t need college to learn stuff. College is for fun and not for learning. I don’t consider going to college evidence of exceptional personality.”

Elon Musk, CEO

The multibillionaire thinks jobs at his companies should not require a degree.

We’re no Elon Musk and so we need college (lol).


Moving on, I studied very hard for CLAT but despite my serious efforts I was not able to secure a seat in my dream college, aka the NLUs, so I was forced to choose between tier 2 National Law Universities and private colleges. Besides I want to make this clear that I am not an expert. I am just a year ahead of you but I earnestly wish for you to make an informed decision.

I don’t want to demotivate you, but the truth is you’ll have to work very hard for the first 3-4 years after your graduation to make your name in the field, then only you would be on the same footing as a tier-1 NLU graduate. Not only that, but I would like you to take everything I say with a pinch of salt because as I said I am also just in my second year, so all this ‘gyaan’ I am giving is from seniors and lawyers I have interacted with.

The main fact is that the benefit of taking admission in private law schools is way more than that of a lower-tier NLU. Private universities tend to give more opportunities, exposure and insight of the real industry to their students.

Private universities have more resources to spend on research and co-curricular activities whereas a low tier NLU like HPNLU when received the funds last time, was only in four figures. You see if a university does not have the funds how can it help it’s students grow and explore the new heights in the legal world as proposed by NLUs. Also, private universities are not dependent on the government for funding the projects or for infrastructure or research-related works unlike the NLUs.

private law school vs national law university


Don’t take the above image seriously, it was just a joke.

We know that the NLUs are under the Ministry of Law and Justice so there is restricted freedom of expression in almost all universities which are run by the government but in private law school there is no such restraint. Private law schools run efficiently without any government intervention.

Private law schools give their students more freedom and exposure to national and international law by collaborating with foreign universities, law firms, jurists, judges & lawyers. Regular webinars with national and international dignitaries are organized for students; whereas the NLUs still follow the old conventional method of teaching.

Lastly, the lower-tier NLU’s are a bit new and hence struggle to house sizeable number of students with very low funding from the government and a little or no placement assistance while the private one’s offer a hundred percent placement assistance.

I expect that each one of you reading this blog is serious enough to have seen the NIRF 2021 data about each law college along with their packages but the thing is there is no data for tier-2 NLUs and private law colleges because the funny thing is there are no packages in tier-2 NLUs and private colleges. So, you have to decide whether you want to study for CAT or UPSC OR are you a second/third-generation lawyer and if your answer is none, then, surprise- surprise you have been pranked by everyone who told you that NLUs have equal average packages as IITs (I sounded intelligent, didn’t I?)


But this is not the endgame. With sheer will and hard work, students from these colleges are also able to get a job in top-tier law firms. Law is an intellectual field. It requires constant study of laws, cases, theories, principles, etc. A person graduating from NLSIU or HPNLU or any private law college like ILNU has to study the same law to succeed in this profession. And as Tesla billionaire Musk said,

All you need is an exceptional ability and not a particular college degree to help you succeed in life and don’t forget to google, ‘Did Shakespeare go to college?’

Elon musk

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