5 qualities of a good law student

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May 31, 2021

A lawyer is expected to know everything and not just law. Practice and consistent hard work will leave no stones unturned. To excel in this, you must acquire few traits which this blog is all about.

We get inspired by Jolly at every step of our life. Take us seriously, we’re not kidding. Or are we? No comments. (lol)


Law school is just like other colleges, having classes, working upon assignments, and working in teams but, what makes an individual enjoy, learn and make their law school journey easier is that you don’t have to be exceptional, all you need to be is 1% better than the rest of the students. The biggest advantage of being in a law school is that you don’t need to come from a specific background. Woohoo!! And despite being in different colleges, all law students share some similar traits. These are the qualities that make a law student ‘great’. Chances are that you already exhibit some of these. So, here I can save your time and hone in on these 5 skills you’ll need throughout law school that will prepare you for a successful legal career, hence making you a good law student.

1. Good communication skills

Don’t become a talkative ass who irritates everyone (I’m sorry if you’re one of them but seriously stop! Don’t be creepy). You don’t wanna be a Geet, she was lucky enough to find someone like Aditya, and let’s face it, your life is gonna be anything but ‘Jab We Met’.

The ability to communicate effectively is essential. Good communication skills will help you to achieve success throughout your law career. Whether it is verbal, written, or listening, you will be doing it a lot. Your speaking skills plays a major role in your law school, whether it is mooting, doing research work, or your viva and presentations. Introverts are the ones who face a lot of challenges in communicating and exploring themselves in extracurricular competitions, like mooting and debating but this is what you need to work upon.

To build these qualities, you should actively take part in debates, and group discussions. Communication is not just limited to competitions, it is necessary to widen up your circle, make contacts, and stay connected with people. Communication in any form is important to present your views in a clear and persuasive way.

2. Hunger for knowledge

Learning new things every day sounds interesting but can be difficult and time consuming. Being a law student means you are always surrounded by a challenging and competitive atmosphere and if you get adapted to this atmosphere, you will definitely come out as a stronger and better person. Law school is a place that will change your life, your way of working, and managing things. Here, you need to read a lot, think a lot, communicate a lot, and with that have cognitive ideas. Lawyers have to regularly update themselves according to the government amendments, rules, and regulations to please the needs of their clients. So, a person with a lack of knowledge and awareness will not be suitable for this profession.

3. Intellectual thinking

Having analytical and critical thinking is what an intellectual person inherits. This is one of the qualities you should have because this field requires a lot of reading, researching and with that you must have a different way of thinking to advance your discussions and ideas. This trait is different in every individual as everyone thinks differently and ideas and this is where you need to merge up those ideas and work as a whole. You will learn this trait in research work and moot courts in a better way.

4. Confidence

This is something most people face trouble with. In my law school, I came in contact with people who missed many opportunities not because they were not good enough but due to a lack of confidence. Indeed, you will come across dual thoughts in your life, one will boost you to go for that opportunity and another one would be impactful enough to be the reason for you losing those opportunities but it becomes worthy once you overcome it. Low confidence will not help you, but having faith and believing in yourself will make you successful. Be determined, the worst part of your journey will be the most wonderful. Learn from your feedback and build your skills. Further, believing in yourself will never let you down. Confidence is the key to win arguments and cases that need a strong voice.

We’re all in the same boat. Sleep-deprived and lazy law students but

banna toh bada aadmi haina bhai sahab.

law student

5. Passion

It is simple yet the most misunderstood word. Passion is not only about having an interest in something but it is about a strong desire to accomplish what you want in life. Before starting your journey in this field, you must know everything about it and have a passion to fulfill your desire in law. This passion shouldn’t be temporary, it should grow as you achieve and work for it.

If you love how motivated we get you (lol, your parents are proud of us), stay tuned until next time!

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