Which are the best private law schools in India?

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May 31, 2021

While or after graduating from high school, one of the first few decisions you took was to pursue law. With that decision, came another question—from where to pursue law? Been there, done that!


Now, I’m assuming that everyone around you has forced down your throat, the obvious choices, i.e., the top 5 or 6 NLUs. So, I take it upon myself to introduce you to the world of private law schools. There are good private law schools that you shouldn’t ignore as options when considering the law college you want to go to.


The list does not consider NLUs or other government law schools like ILS Pune or GLC Mumbai. We’ll go over different private law schools and discuss each one so you can decide the best fit for you.

Also, before we begin, I should warn you, DO NOT trust most lists you find online. Many will either be funded to favor certain law schools or just be, well, wrong. Only trust people you know to be in the business or look up students already studying in these programs. Here, we provide to you the experiences and general observations of those who have already been through the arduous process of selecting a law school.

Jindal Global Law School

JGLS or Jindal Global Law School is a very famous institution with very notable faculty. It provides world-class infrastructure to its students. The campus is beautiful, and the college was also ranked in the QS World rankings 2021 at a position of 76. What is also notable, however, is the fees this school takes. Unless you score well on the LSAT and get in on a scholarship or your parents can reach deep into their pockets, there isn’t much respite for you at JGLS. Basically:

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But you do get a lot of real opportunities here to network among distinguished people in the law field, and getting in is, well, pretty easy.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Symbiosis Law School, Pune is a prominent and historical institution. They have a different selection process. It consists of an entrance exam named SLAT followed by an interview. I would advise you to take neither lightly. Symbiosis is a good school and one of the best backup options someone can have to the whole NLU drive.

On a national level, the 30-year-old Symbiosis Pune is more reputed. JGLS, though, does have international ties with Ivy League universities including Harvard and Yale and so on.

Institute of Law, Nirma University

The Institute of Law, Nirma University is slightly less expensive than both colleges already mentioned. It is, however, a fairly young institute and does not hold the same credibility as SLS Pune. However, I do recall Harsh Gagrani, the founder of LegalEdge, saying in one of his YouTube videos that if you’re confused between Nirma and SLS, then decision can be made based on which city you like more. And for a person with a huge vested interest in the legal education industry, if SLS and ILNU stand same, it can definitely not be ignored.

UPES Dehradun

UPES Dehradun has great facilities, top-class infrastructure, and a great food court. It also has a huge sports playground with equipment for almost all games. There is a huge library, and the entire college is situated between mountains, so there is a great view. The student body is multi-cultural and has international students as well.

So we have discussed some pros and cons of the important private law colleges. Besides this, I would suggest you look at brochures, placement statistics and try visiting these institutes if you can.

While The Notorious B.I.G. did say “mo money mo problems”, with private institutions you don’t have to deal with the hassles of a government establishment. They also attract good faculty because of the money they offer (to be blunt about it). So don’t dismiss these institutes just because they’re private and consider each one of your options and apply to these law schools at least as a backup!

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