Do college grades matter for securing placements?

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June 15, 2021

Begin with the end in mind.

Stephen Covey

It’s not just a saying that the better we perform in our academics, the higher are our chances of being selected in a top-tier law firm. If you are among those aspiring for top-tier firms, then good grades will always have your back. All your grades do matter if you have something in your mind, so work accordingly.

Don’t be like a typical ass (like us, umm, no comments).

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The moment I chose law as my career option, I had one thing in my mind that was a dream to secure a job at a tier-one law firm. With this dream when I entered law school, I came across a pattern through which students are shortlisted for interviews. The pattern is based upon the academics of the student, the higher your grades, the more the chances of being shortlisted. Top-tier firms have their own standards of selection which have to be met by students. There’s a saying that top-tier law firms recruit only from top colleges. But what I think is that these firms are in search of talent and they do give a chance to some of the best talents from law schools who don’t make the cut in terms of rankings.

Likewise, there are several other job opportunities in the field of law, where your grades barely matter like litigation.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that you set an aim and act accordingly. Nevertheless, I believe that maintaining an average or decent GPA (Grade Per Year) is a must for every law Aspirant. We are not asking you to have a perfect 10 GPA but you must try to keep it above 8.

Now that we have learned about the benefits of scoring well in academics, let’s come towards the stuff that seems very easy from the outside but is even harder than completing assignments on time. According to me, when you come along for this ride you should know that law school is not a cakewalk. If you want to make a successful career, you have to plan things accordingly so that you can utilize your time in the best possible manner. When I tell you that you can skip your assignment, I am saying it because I expect that you will utilize that time in moot courts, research papers, and internships.

This blog is by no means against doing your assignments, it is about getting your priorities straight from the beginning. Where are you more comfortable: doing research on legal topics or doing a moot court on the same topics. Both are trying to teach you the same thing, it is up to you where you find yourself more comfortable.

Practical knowledge

Practical knowledge is a must along with your academic excellence. Where on one hand, your academics can land you in your dream world, on the other hand, lack of practical knowledge may backfire. So, maintaining a balance between academics and other essentials such as moot courts, internships, and research papers give you an edge over others.

Success has a correlation with knowledge and skills which are dependent on learning. But academic performance is another animal altogether which is not really an early indicator of success.

Prioritize your work accordingly, find your interests, set your aim, and plan according to your goals and aspirations.

I just wanted to point out that academic performance will not necessarily dictate the rest of your career or life. But maintaining a balance between your academics and other essentials will assure you a bright future.

Humari dili tammanna hai

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