Does stream really matter if you want to choose law as a career?

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June 15, 2021

First of all, congratulations on taking your first successful step towards this beautiful journey. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this, you’re most probably gonna ace your entrance exams. Trust me, researching and making up your mind is the toughest and most important step. 


We’re proud of you!

If you have decided to pursue a career in law and if law intrigues you, there should not be any second thoughts about it. Avid readers with good communication skills, who can read and absorb long texts and present them efficiently – the legal profession is definitely a place for them. One who possesses logical and analytical skills, and has a keen interest in law makes a good law student. After that, it’s the job of your law school to act on your skills and make a good legal professional out of you. For that, it doesn’t matter which stream you come from. The only thing which matters is your interest and dedication to pursue a career in law.

People usually run a myth that arts or humanities is the best choice for prospective law students which creates confusion among students. A law student does not require any specifics of the streams we choose after 10th grade. Any of your decisions regarding streams is of little consequence to your prospects in law school. So, while opting for a stream, you need not think about what will facilitate your career in law the best because the opportunities ahead are very diverse.

You should always go with a stream that interests you, as it would make your studies easier than opting for subjects that you find difficult. If your interest lies in a subject, it affects your efficiency to read and understand it. 

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I was always the most confused among all of my friends and classmates regarding my future aspects. After constantly avoiding this topic for years, when I finally took steps to understand how important this decision is, I started to talk to people who had been in my position earlier.

Finally, I opted for science because I always had an interest in it, and possession of scientific aptitude was another reason which made me choose it. Trust me, it was a wise decision. It helped me in improving my logic and research skills. It also would be of great help if I go for a specialization in patent law. 

Likewise, the commerce stream gives you an upper hand if you want to pursue company law.

Taking up humanities can help you understand political science which can further help you out if you go for a BA LLB course. 

You need to understand that, there is NO hard and fast rule as to a good or the best combination of subjects for pursuing law in the future. Humanities or science students can also go for Company Law and a Commerce student has an equal number of opportunities as of any other stream if he wants to go for B.A. LL.B

Every stream has something special in it but that doesn’t restrict your choice. Your decision must be truly yours and try not to get influenced by what people expect you to do.

Go with whatever stream you like. Go with the flow (get it, wink wink).

Be it humanities, science, or commerce, trust me you’ll never regret it if your decision originated from your natural aptitude and under no influence of Sharma ji ka ladka or padoswaali aunties.


Just felt like putting this up, motivation to the most extreme level possible.

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