How much time should you give for CLAT coaching?

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June 15, 2021

The sort of readiness that law entrance exams request is dynamic and requires smart work with proper analysis. The mere dedication here can win you battles!

Law entrance exams are usually conducted in May, a month after the 12th board exams. So, it is for the students to decide which option they should consider; two years of coaching, one year of coaching, or a crash course.

In my opinion, law entrance is not UPSC or rocket science which needs preparation of a year or two. But if you are one hell of a determined kid (Sharma ji ka beta types) and have already made up your mind to pursue law or to make a career in the legal world right since your 10th standard, you’ve got a lot of options to consider. Don’t panic, you’re on the right track!

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It is so good that you’re thinking in the right direction and focusing to make yourself better for tomorrow. We’re super-duper proud of you!!!

Two-Year Course:

  • Boards pressure- The best thing about a two-year course is that there is little or no board exam pressure since you are in the 11th class. With no pressure on mind, one can easily and comfortably without any mental stress, focus on law entrance tests and prepare without any hassle.
  • General Knowledge- It is a fact that all law entrance exams including CLAT have a GK and current affairs section, which generally tests you on major happenings of the previous year and in some cases two years. Some GK topics from history, geography, science, geopolitics, etc are very lengthy and require a lot of time and devotion. So, this can be done while in eleventh class. 
  • More time- The more time you give to your preparation, aka, the CLAT coaching, the more are the chances you land in your dream college. When you start early, you get more time to cover the vast areas of GK, current affairs, and legal aptitude. Legal Aptitude is comparatively a new subject for everyone who starts to prepare. So, this extra year of preparation gives you the upper hand and detailed insight into law entrance exams.

But here’s a catch. You see, I think the more time you give to something, the more familiar you become to it, and the more familiar you get with it, the more lightly you begin to take it.

My personal opinion:

I think, taking formal CLAT coaching from the 11th class itself is just a waste of time. Imagine that part of your life when you have just given the most hyped examination of your life, i.e., your 10th board examination, and you are straightaway expected to get serious in a month again.

Get real guys! We all know how serious we were in our 11th grade and the only thing you can study in 11th class that’s going to help you is English. If you can’t work on or correct your grammar and practice for your exams, CLAT isn’t a piece of cake for you.

So, you should begin your coaching in the 12th class and take it slow and steady. I am sure you guys will ace it in no time! I believe mathematics and logical reasoning will take barely any time at all. Get serious in 12th, focus on your boards, and CLAT. You don’t need a full year entirely focused on your law entrances. Just be consistent in devoting your 2-3 hours daily.

Instead of taking CLAT coaching in 11th, utilize that time to get the gist of what’s happening in the world. Only studying won’t help you, set your preferences right, the college you want to be in and look for courses instead of doing what everyone else is, and yes, please have a backup plan.

Crash course: 

Crash courses are generally for a month or two. It’s just a marketing gimmick created by big coaching houses to extort money in the name of “full preparation” in just one month. Law entrance is not a joke, you have to devote your precious time to crack it. A crash course is just another money-making scheme of CLAT coaching institutes. This course helps institutes make loads of money in a short period. That is why I’ve seen only a few people who have cracked the law entrance with a crash course.

crash course

The sole motive of coaching is to guide. In the end, it is you who has to prepare. Nowadays, it is a trend among millennials to join an institute just for the sake of it. If you don’t have enough resources to go to a coaching institute, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is be more disciplined, sincere, and determined towards your studies. There are hundreds of thousands of free course materials available on the internet, all you need is dedication. You already have high chances of landing yourself in your dream college, well, since you are reading our blog.

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