How to reduce stress during exams?

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June 15, 2021

In the generation we are living in, competition exams have become more competitive than we ever imagined and of course, we all want to be the protagonist of our own lives.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes up to me and says that, they are having a hard time concentrating because of the peer pressure on their mind. Considering the sombre times we are living in when we have more than enough things to worry about, corona strikes our stress like cheese burst to our pizza.

But honestly, all of us are way more blessed as compared to most of the people in our country. Maybe some of you are having the worst time of your life right now, but all I can say is hang in there and keep moving forward.

Better times wait for you only if you don’t let the stress get the better of you.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, CLAT 2020 was postponed again and again. We, as students were very frustrated, and because of which our anxiety stood on another level. Every time I heard the notification by the consortium about postponement, I felt quite disturbed and my momentum got broken.

After which, all I heard as an aspirant was that, “Now you’ve got more time to study and do give your ten hours a day towards preparation” and I was like, I covered almost everything twice and forget about ten hours a day, even giving an hour was very difficult at that time.

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Stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, focus issues were the result of constant delays in entrance exams. Then my mentor gave me some pretty awesome life hacks to overcome these issues and reduce the stress, which helped me gain my momentum again.

We charge our mobile phone daily, get petrol filled in the car mostly every week…when was the last time we charged ourselves? Ask yourself.

Here I’ll give you some tips that I used during my CLAT prep to reduce stress:

  • First, stop listening to intellectuals about how much to study: 10 hours or 15 hours, it doesn’t work like that, there is no ideal time to give to studies. Make a schedule, study for an hour at least, go for a power nap or leave everything aside for an hour or half, just to charge up your mind and repeat. This is a centuries-old technique used by the Japanese (used even today) to increase their productivity.
  • Don’t forget to meditate. Meditation really helps to focus and concentrate on studies.
  • Have a good amount of sleep. A good sleep cycle can automatically reduce stress levels. Trust me, don’t be like:
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  • Don’t let the stress get the better of you. See, neither of us knows where we are going to end up in our lives, even I never thought 3 years back that I would be writing this blog here. So just go with the flow and keep one thing in mind that all you have to do is

Do whatever you can do, the best you can do.

  • Instead of thinking about what will happen and how you should study, make daily goals during that time period. Don’t let the amount of time decide how well you have prepared, don’t compare yourself to other students. Keep the focus on your daily goals. If you complete them, then shake all the worries off for the rest of the time. But if you don’t, then make a vow not to sleep until it’s done.
  • Instead of thinking about what to do and what’s remaining, make it happen. Just don’t let it stress you out. Take breaks consistently (not too consistently, I do not mean studying 5 minutes and then taking an hour-long break), studying for an hour and taking a 15 min break so that you don’t get too tired works perfectly fine.
  • Make a schedule or some tiny rules that you make sure to complete so that if you wake up the next day of the exam, you don’t regret that you didn’t give your fullest.

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