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June 19, 2021

“Vakeel Hu Memes mein yaad Rakhana”

“If you are Vakeel, you know my memes”

Hello! My name is Likitha Avare aka legalshotswithvakeel. I am currently a 3rd year student of B.A. LL.B

For me, law is love. The journey for this love started when I was 4 years old. The nursery I was studying in had a fancy dress competition. My mom wanted me to participate. So she took me to the nearby costume store. I’ve no idea why, but I told my mom that I wanted to dress like a Judge, but the store didn’t have a judge’s costume. It had a doctor’s costume so my mom started convincing me to be a doctor but I was very adamant (yes I was your local ziddi bacha). I wanted that gavel so bad only for saying ‘order-order’. And so, I didn’t participate in that competition but the love for law sustained, and till date, a day hasn’t passed by when I haven’t thought of becoming a judge!

order in the Court

When I was in my 2nd standard, my dad told me how most of the freedom fighters of our country were lawyers. This made me love this profession even more. Then in my 4th standard, Civics became my favourite subject only because it had a chapter on Fundamentals Rights and Fundamental Duties in it.

Though my parents thought that I might sooner or later change my decision of becoming a lawyer because I don’t have a law background, but this never happened. My love for the legal field made me join law school and here I am!

Some people find law boring, but for me, it is everything I ever dreamt of studying. The Digital Word is helping us to get all the necessary information at our fingertips. Memes, reels, and YouTube videos are now a source of legal knowledge. What more could I have wished for?

I started my journey as a Digital Content Creator last year in May 2020. I posted my 1st video on my YouTube channel “Legal Shots With vakeel”.

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I wanted to make students aware of MHCET Law Entrance exam and the entire process. The idea to start this channel was through self-realisation as I faced a lot of problems during my MHCET preparation and counselling process. So, I wanted to guide others regarding the same. I didn’t want any student to suffer just because they lacked the knowledge about the best colleges in Maharashtra and their application process. Many students this year took admission to various law colleges after watching my YouTube videos and praised me for my videos (Flex yo). Those messages are my true treasure as I have fulfilled my aim of starting my channel.

In October 2020, I was just talking to my mom in the accent of Kusha Kapila (she is my favourite). My mom spontaneously said, “Why don’t you do something involving comedy?” (Considering, I’m funny, lol) So, I started my Instagram page for legal news in the South Delhi accent.

I even started making videos on Harvey and Donna (Suits). In this entire journey of my Instagram page, my brother has been my support system. Making memes was random. I used to wonder how these amazing memers made these super-viral memes and now all those memers are really great friends of mine.

When Instagram started this ‘reel’ feature, I saw some professionals making reels about their profession. I always wondered why didn’t any law student make such funny law-related reels and so my reel journey began with ‘If Geet from Jab We Met was an advocate.

I put in a lot of effort in that video and yes people loved it! There was no looking back since then. I actively started making reels and my love for the character Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam made me come up with a reel on ‘If Poo was a law student’ (Creative, huh).

People often ask me how do I manage time to study along with my Instagram page. It is all about time management and discipline. You need to plan your day. Make to-do lists. I see many young people doing so many extracurricular activities. You can do it too.

Take the example of the entire team of Lawocals, they are all young and talented people (the admin says thank you) who started this blog page. To all the youngsters out there, if you feel like doing something different, just do it! Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. This is the best time. Just take that first step and then everything will come your way.

Also, how can I end my journey without a meme from my own page???!!!!


All the best!

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I did not know that spectacular, i didn’t know finally found a good post on this subject, thanks now i’m going to study more about it.

Congratulations on the site!

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