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June 19, 2021

It was the 31st day of May in 2018 when I picked up the daily newspaper and the front-page news said that Jaipur(my hometown) has produced AIR 1,2,3 in CLAT 2018 examination. As a Jaipurite, it was an immense moment of pride for me. This was my first interaction with the field of law.

I decided to do further research regarding the CLAT paper pattern, strategies to crack CLAT, and various opportunities which the field of law provides. While researching, I realised that this profession best suits my interests. Therefore, I made up my mind and decided to prepare for CLAT 2020.

However, being someone with no legal background, it took some time for my parents to come to terms with my decision. I was very firm about my decision and had made a promise to myself that I will do everything within my capacity to make a career in law. Seeing my conviction, my parents allowed me to go ahead and supported me in all ways possible so that I could fulfil my dreams.

Preparing for CLAT was the first stepping stone in this direction.

I started my preparation in July 2018 when I was in my 11th standard. During that time, I primarily focused on basic preparation like newspaper reading, Static GK, and vocabulary. I had also enrolled myself in a coaching institute in my hometown. They conducted a mock test after my Class 11th CBSE examinations were over. My performance in this mock was not as per my expectations. This made me realize that my efforts weren’t enough, and I needed to work harder to make my dream of getting into NLSIU a reality.

From the next day, I started making daily schedules (something which I had never done in my life) and did not rest until I achieved my task. Apart from daily plans, I made weekly plans as well, in which I had set targets for all 5 subjects. After a few weeks, I attempted another mock and there was a drastic change in my scores. This gave me the motivation that the changes I made are fruitful.

Even though my score was pretty well, my performance was not equitable across sections. I used to score extremely well in sections like GK and Legal while my scores in the other three sections: logical reasoning, English, and Maths were either average or even below average.

Therefore, in the next two to three months, I focused a lot on improving these sections. To improve my grammar section, I read ‘Wren and Martin’, which is a universally accepted bible in the field of grammar. To improve my logical reasoning, I solved a lot of puzzles, blood relations, etc., and similarly, in Maths, I covered all basic concepts regarding numbers, linear equations, time and work, etc.

By November 2019 I had converted all my weaknesses to strengths and continued to maintain the standard in GK and Legal. One day, my friend called me up and informed me about the pattern change.

Apparently, CLAT Consortium had decided to tweak the paper pattern for CLAT 2020.

I was shocked and bewildered after hearing the news. I felt as if all my preparation from the last 18 months had gone for a toss. The surrounding atmosphere and continued ambiguity regarding the paper pattern made matters worse.

Finally, bringing all the anxiety and speculations regarding the CLAT paper to an end, the Consortium released three sample papers that were modelled for the CLAT 2020 exam. After solving the papers, I felt that the new pattern is more suited to my skill set. The pattern was heavily based on comprehension which was one of my strengths and, it also made the Quantitative Aptitude much easier and more student-friendly. I finished with my 12th CBSE Board Exams in March 2020 and started to devote all my attention to CLAT.

Kahaani abhi khatam nahi hui hai.

CLAT prep

The COVID-19 pandemic struck and completely disrupted activities all across the globe. The pandemic led to repeated postponements. Although the repeated postponements provided me with extra time to prepare, after a point of time it started to demotivate me. In these testing times, my family and friends supported me a lot. Whenever I was down and out, they helped me regroup myself and keep going.

Ultimately, the decision day had come. It was 28th September 2020 when I finally went to the examination hall to give the CLAT exam. When the question paper was uploaded to my computer screen, I noticed that the paper was absolutely on unexpected lines. However, I did not panic as I trusted my hard work. I instilled the belief that no paper pattern can be a hindrance to my dreams. With this positive mindset, I solved the paper and walked out of the examination hall with a sense of satisfaction. I, along with my family and friends was very curious to know the result. After a few days, the moment had arrived.

The CLAT Consortium announced the results. I entered my login credentials and my result popped up. I had done it!

Yes, I had made it to NLSIU Bangalore, the top-notch law university in Asia and had fulfilled a dream that many aspirants dream year after year. Likewise, I broke the news to my family and friends. All of them were filled with a feeling of euphoria. It took time to digest and even I started to enjoy my success.

At the end of this roller-coaster ride, I remembered a quote that I had read in Paul Coelho’s gem ‘The Alchemist’:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

Paul Coelho




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