Capitalizing on the opportunities available during the online era

June 28, 2021

We all remember the Janta Curfew of March 22, 2020. The coronavirus had officially reached India and suddenly nothing was the same. All of us were forced to stay home. About 300 million student population of India was supposed to attend classes and attempt examinations online. This was a whole new concept. While this had an economical unavailability angle, another question that arose was, how can a student capitalize on the opportunities available in an online semester/trimester?

These are some tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Faculty assistance:

Say you’re interested in a particular subject or want to know more about it and you don’t know what your next step should be; in situations like these, you can contact the relevant faculty members from your college.

You may ask for their help or work under their guidance for excelling in a particular area of your interest be it criminal Law, IPR, etc, or even subjects related to your additional courses like Political theory, Corporate Accounting, etc.

  • Legal Research clubbed with Articulation:

Since this is an era of online classes, it is advisable to adapt to such situations and positively utilize them. This can be done by completing your assignments in a way that they can be published online on any platform (like journals), be it national or international.

For doing so, you can contact your seniors simply by the means of apps such as LinkedIn. Here, you will by default be trained to market yourself and showcase your communication, oratory and even drafting skills which would lead you to have connections with many other people consequently leading you to boost your network before you enter the professional world. This would help you to discover opportunities of your choice.

  • Create your own opportunities:

In order to make an impressive CV, you might want to add some publications to it. Now, all of these publications might not be from your assignments of law school, some can be done through reputed websites or blogs wherein they would provide you with a topic to write upon. You can do the needful without giving them a commitment of being an employee or an intern.

You can give this a try by reaching out to your seniors as aforementioned or by simply doing research on the availability of freelance writer slots in an organization on an article basis.

Freelancing is beneficial as you can manage your online classes alongside the writing work which might be the best fit with hectic college assignments, classes, and exams.

  • Work from home for a good work experience:

This is the best time to apply for various part-time internships. These might not be for your CV but for the mere reason of skill-building. If you are a first-year student, you can go for basic content writing which may or may not be related to legal writing. This can help you inculcate writing skills which will definitely help you in the future. If you’re a second or third-year student and want to work for a corporate law firm in the future, you can utilize this time to work more on your corporate law skills.

You can apply for various strata of internships using platforms like LinkedIn or Internshala.

Both of them would require you to make a CV and draft a cover letter which would be your selling point.

All said and done, efficient management of your online classes along with your ventures is of utmost importance. Try to make a flexible timetable to ensure you give time to your classes, assignments, internships, recreational activities, and last but not the least, take out time to check up on your loved ones too.

Cut yourself some slack and focus on your overall well-being.

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