What should one add to their LinkedIn profile in the first year?

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June 28, 2021

Remember the time on Facebook when y’all posted memes which were most often just cat pictures or other times some nonsensical stuff? We’ve all done that sorts of stuff and man, it was so easy for us as opposed to the recent situation when as a first-year law student, I was panicking and getting clueless about things as simple as a LinkedIn profile!!!!


I do have a tendency to make simple things complicated and because I didn’t exactly have a mentor (like you have us), I thought about doing meaningless internships for the sole reason of updating my profile. I was simply what you call stupid. This is a piece of advice from someone who’s experienced such stuff,

“Never do an internship only for the sake of doing it. Stop getting FOMO because apparently, your friends are doing many.”

Now, I understand not a lot of you might have something to put up on your LinkedIn but the fact is:

why is this even important and how to go about it?

  • LinkedIn is different from other basic social networking sites because it focuses on being a professional place for people to connect with each other. 
  • You are supposed to keep your profile updated (we’ll tell you more about this) and in case you’re searching for an internship of your choice or matching your preferences, you’ll need to reach out to any post suggesting a vacancy.
  • Interest can be shown by a simple “interested” comment on the mentioned post or writing down a formal message and texting the authorities on LinkedIn itself.
  • This is where your connections play a major role. The more and the better connections you have, the chances for you to find more relevant content increases.

Basically, LinkedIn is your Shaadi.com for jobs/ internships. You match your likes, you reach out, you make a commitment and you bloody work!

Now that you know the importance of making a LinkedIn profile, let me tell you how to build a good profile:

  • Start with a proper introduction. Figure out what you’re interested in and if you can’t decide then let it be as simple as, “figuring out my domain of interest.” The point being, tell the truth, be yourself and write honestly about who you are and what you wanna do.
  • Put up a professional profile picture and not a lousy selfie. Who are we kidding, your profile picture is being judged because it shows how professional you are!
linkedlin profile
  • Mention your college name with the course you’re pursuing and also, guys, don’t forget your roots!!! Your school needs mentioning too.
  • You can add your school life achievements (if any) under the description part while tagging your school.
  • Mention your interests or view the pages you’re interested in and also follow them. This shows on your profile and your fields of interest can be displayed for better and relevant content.
  • Try and connect with people from your college or even your family or friends. You never know how you’ll land up your dream internship! This also helps you to get inspired by people currently working in the legal field. (Don’t get depressed, tumhaara time bhi aayega)
  • It’s okay to not have any work experience, you can try to publish any of your college assignments by mailing them to some relevant publication houses and then mention the publication on your profile. (Smart ikikik)

Using LinkedIn to break into the sectors of your choice will be easier because you will be able to contact people who will assist you to grow. You have a lot of options as a young law student. It is your obligation to make the most of these opportunities.

To summarize, we all need to develop as individuals and professionals. It is also upon you to ensure that we continue to develop and become who we’ve always dreamt of. LinkedIn merely serves as a facilitator for your development. (Motivation 101)

Go make a Linkedln profile if you haven’t already! Thank us later.

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