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July 6, 2021

The majority of legal work entails conducting research and learning how to interact with people. It’s a lot less about litigation. Moot court is comparable to but is still not the same as actual litigation.

Look at mooting as a cake.

The capacity to orally argue or public speaking is the cherry on the cake: it’s gorgeous, it’s unique, but the majority of what you’d be eating IS THE CAKE ITSELF. Actual litigation is fuelled by research and the ability to apply adjectival/procedural law with tenacity. By the end of your moot court, you’ll be like:


How important is mooting?

Mooting is more than merely presenting legal arguments. Applying such propositions to the facts to argue for the desired outcome is a crucial part.

The importance of mooting for law students cannot be overstated. It assists them in understanding the court proceedings as well as all the laws and regulations.

It is now considered a required course in law schools. In addition, almost every law school has its own Law Society, which organizes moot court tournaments in today’s world. Therefore, it is critical for law students since it aids them in the development of their abilities and confidence. Moreover, it helps them in their preparation for the future.

With personal experience, I can say that moot helps you to learn courtroom behaviour. It also helps you become comfortable in reading cases or judgements.

What is the correct time in law school to start mooting?

The journey of law school is incomplete without mooting.

Someone rightly said that- ‘abhi nhi toh kabhi nahi

This saying is so apt in deciding the correct time to start mooting. One should start mooting as soon as one gets the opportunity. It is preferred to at least have a good experience of mooting in a law school. It makes students ponder and discover exciting and significant legal issues deeply. If a student gets the chance to learn and moot in their first year, even in the first semester, then, they should not refrain from doing so.


Also, someone rightly said that- ‘kuch nahi se kuch bhala

If you were not able to moot in your early years of law school but you are getting the opportunity to do so in your later years of law school, then happily go for it. When you start does not matter, what matters the most is that at least you did it.

Preferably one should start mooting in the 1st or the 2nd year of law school but should also not refrain from doing so in the later years.

Other benefits of mooting-

  • It enhances advocacy, writing skills, and legal research.
  • It makes you inculcate critical thinking in yourself.
  • It can be intellectually rewarding and a lot of fun.
  • It provides opportunities to work closely and learn from experts.

Concluding everything, the crux of the matter is: –

Mooting is one of the most significant things in law school and there is no perfect timing to start mooting. Though it is preferred to start mooting at the earliest, it’s never too late to do so if you failed to do it earlier.

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