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July 22, 2021

“Marks aren’t everything. but saying that they don’t matter at all is a lie”

There is a lot of confusion among students when it comes to the importance of board exams in their life. The question here is whether we should worry about our board exams and if yes then how much?


Jokes apart, marks do matter but not much in the field of law because one needs to clear the entrance exams to get into their desired law schools. Ignoring boards in their entirety isn’t a reasonable choice to make. There have been instances of students clearing their entrance and falling short of the percentage to meet the cut-off.

You need to make sure that you make it at least to the cut-off marks (usually between 50%-60%). Again, if you have the potential to score more, you should but keep in mind that you don’t stress yourself much to meet the unusual expectations of your parents or relatives.

We’re usually trapped between two conflicting statements: “Marks don’t matter” and “How will you get into a decent college if you don’t score well?”

All I would like to say is score according to potential and don’t regret whatever it is.

For those wondering whether marks in Boards help in law school, I just want to ask them one question, “Do you think that marks in boards 2021 will be fairly given?”

I guess most of you will say no, yet internship/placement will occur the way they did. This year is the best case study to show how unapologetically meritless board exams have been for all the students who wish to follow a career where there is an entrance exam. The only thing board exams check is your memorizing skills which might get you a 95%+ score but it will not mean anything in internship/placement if you do not have personality and especially in the law field where the most important thing is your confidence.

All I would like to say is your grades in boards cannot test your skills and abilities.

We have entrance exams to test the skills required for specific career options. For law, we have several entrances such as CLAT, AILET, LSAT, SLAT, etc. A law entrance exam tests your logical and analytical skills. Your ability to read and comprehend long text matters more than your board results.

Be true to yourself and decide. If you want to choose law, and you are acquainted with the required skills, boards won’t make much difference. 

In the end, I would like to ask all the 12thies to make a priority list for the year and ask yourself where CLAT stands in it and act accordingly and if you wish to put boards on the priority list, please check what are the median package top colleges accepting marks scored in the board exams given at the government’s official www.nirfindia.org website.

I think that you will be shocked after that, for example, the best college according to NIRF is Miranda house (DU) with a median package of just 4.2 lakhs and the fun part is only 3.34% managed to get any placement at all.


What can make a person successful is the ability to see the rat race and understand that it isn’t the end of the world!

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