Questionnaire with seniors

July 24, 2021

Several questions come into the mind of every student before entering a place where they’ll spend almost half of a decade of their life at. Things take time to happen; choosing a good course or getting a degree may not land you your dream job! This is not enough.

“Without labour, nothing prospers!”

Since we only give you the best, we are sharing the experience of our seniors to give you a reality check. Here are the questions we asked and the answers we got:

Some things you feel one should know before joining law school:

I am now in the 4th year of my college. I would say that any student who has an interest in pursuing law as a career should have a strong mind that he/she wants to be a lawyer. Every profession is difficult; this one is indeed the same. Many people think of taking law as a second option or, if you cannot go for any other side, you can choose law as your career kind of option. But this is wrong and can impact your future. Therefore, you need a pre-set of mind to excel in this field.

Benefits of joining law school

During my orientation days, many teachers said to me “even when a lawyer is wrong, they would be seen as the right person”. Through this single line, you can see the power this profession carries. When a student wears a black suit, they hold a sense of responsibility for people who might need them in the future. This is one of those professional courses that will teach you a sense of responsibility, intellectuality, smartness, and, of course, the most important, wisdom. So, it is hard to put in words the benefits that a law school carries in the long run. I can say that it completely changes a student from being dull to the smartest one by the time they graduate.

Is law a skill-oriented course?

Like any professional course, law is also a skill-oriented course. What makes it different though is the unique set of particular skills. You have to see the skill that you pose, and if it matches your profession, you must go with that. Being a law student, I have that innate power of speaking, power of resolving things, etc. Therefore, it’s important to possess skills that match your course.

What is the difference between a law student and a non-law student?

A student who doesn’t study law is a non-law student, and the one who studies law is a law student. The main difference is that students who study law or pursue law as a career are aware of their rights and duties towards their country and even outside the nation. Non-law students might know about laws but in a limited amount. Anybody can read a law journal or a bare act to know the laws, but being a law student, we are taught this way that we can even interpret the meaning and purpose of that particular law correctly; therefore, the power of interpretation plays the main difference between a law student and a non-law student.

Law is completely theory-based and forsome people theory is boring, so is law boring?

People know very little about law as a field. In today’s world, law is more of practical knowledge than theory. We indeed have to study many bulky books that will haunt you and make you feel that you have to learn every section of the book, but it’s not true. A student needs knowledge and experience, which comes only by applying the law, not only by learning it. We do the practical application of the law through various competitions like moot courts, parliamentary debates, and mediation and conciliation competitions from time to time to see and learn how the system works. We also have a semester-wise internship to learn as much as we can.

How long does it take to settle in this profession after a degree?

After investing your time, money, and energy, you might be waiting for a well-settled life, but the hard work is not over yet. Making your place in such a huge market is not easy. You have to be consistent and patient. After 5-10 more years, you will see yourself in a better place than you are now.

What type of skills does it take to excel in this profession?

Being a law student, I always say that one must have that devil side of oneself awake. You cannot be a naive person, for being a law student, there will be times when a wrong person approaches you to handle their case, so being a professional person, you cannot say no. Adding to it is a neutral opinion and good speaking and presentation skills because you have to speak and present for someone else. And lastly, strong opinions that even if you are wrong, you have to present it as if you are the only right person in the world.

What are the possible alternatives to a law degree if you don’t plan to practice law as a career?

The diversity this course provides is appreciable. I used to think that lawyers merely have to deal with their clients. But one day when I researched about this, I was shocked to see the option of being a practising lawyer. It felt great! There were so many options. If one has an interest in resolving matters outside court, he can be a mediator. One could go for the corporate sector or can give exams for the judiciary or the civil services too. One can be a law professor or a legal consultant or open their own company, etc. There are so many areas a person can choose from being a law student.

How does society look upon an individual with a law degree?

Being from a non-law family, my parents have always supported me in my career choice, they are proud of what I am doing. And when I see people around me, I can see how positive they are towards me and that they might need me in the future. I know a few people have negative opinions about law as a career because we, being a person who can help them get justice charge them for the same, but then at the end of the day, we are also humans who earn to live and live to earn, therefore it’s normal to charge and fill that appetite of ours.

After graduation, can a law student start their own business?

In my opinion, lawyers are the best entrepreneurs out there. The qualities that a good entrepreneur must carry are a positive attitude, good communication skills, problem-solving, rational thought processes; and these are the qualities that a law student has. Therefore, I guess it’s easy for a law student to start up their own business or startup as they say.

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