What should I opt for after graduating from law school?

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July 25, 2021

“If you are a recent law graduate and worried about choosing the right career option, then it’s not time to worry about this we’re here for you”
We won’t obsess you anymore with “Jo kuch nahi karte vo law karte hai” because it’s just a saying which doesn’t weigh much in real life. There are N number of choices available for law students/graduates. Law is one of the most popular career options these days. Its rapid growth is the reason it is grabbing the attention of today’s youth.
People usually confuse a Law degree with a lawyer’s degree. Law graduates may or may not
choose litigation as a career option. Depending upon which career choice intrigues, excites, and earns them a good living.
With the increasing number of opportunities in the field of law, graduates often have a hard time selecting which field might be the best for them. Before jumping into any particular career path, students should consider their skills, interests, and what will benefit them in the long run. Like a lawyer or doctor, for example, there can be many benefits to working within an academic environment, while other careers might not offer that same amount of autonomy.

Here’s a shortlist of the most popular law jobs that are available for graduates to choose from.

  1. Legal Analyst/Lawyer:
    This job is a great way for someone to start off in the legal profession and maybe the best way to ensure that you have a job post-graduation. This role would require individuals to give advice, support, and help clients with legal cases. Lawyers usually work in a law firm or sometimes they can work within corporations as legal advisors. A degree in law however isn’t necessarily required, although it will be beneficial to have this qualification on your resume if you’re applying.
  2. Paralegal:
    An individual may find this as a great job if they’re looking for a career within law. A paralegal is someone who usually files, prepares, and drafts documents as well as documents that are needed in court cases. In order to become a paralegal, individuals will often need a degree in law which can be obtained by completing relevant work experience, allocating time to study, or completing a certificate program.
  3. Legal Assistant:
    Being an assistant legal counsel can often be a very rewarding profession and financially rewarding as well. There are many benefits of working within the legal field such as being able to gain valuable experience that may help you in the days ahead when you’re looking for that next job opportunity. Some legal assistants may work directly with lawyers and may perform the same tasks that lawyers do such as giving advice, drafting documents, or representing clients in court.
  4. Dispute Resolution:
    This job role will likely be an interesting profession for individuals who enjoy solving problems and dealing with people. Within this career, you’ll be able to negotiate solutions to disputes for various professions including the health care, financial sectors, and also the business sector. This job role involves resolving conflict between people or organizations while at the same time trying to resolve these conflicts without using a legal process.
  5. Legal Research:
    Some individuals who choose this career path are interested in practicing law but they may or may not have a degree in law. This job involves assistance in the investigation and evaluation of legal issues/cases and a lot more yet to be explored. This is a perfect fit for curious law graduates, equipped with Researching skills.

There is a lot more that can be explored, all you need is to decide which option is meant for you. You need to make sure that you possess the skills and abilities required for the career option which you’re considering. Ace internships that help you in achieving your desired job. Good luck!!!

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