Do Law schools offer Scholarships?

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August 26, 2021

Law is one of the most popular career choices among students around the country because of the financial prospects available.

Most of you might not have known about the scholarships awarded by your own law school. Have you ever inquired about it? It’s better to know more about your law school and how they can help you out with your financial difficulties if you are facing any.

Most students with an interest in law facing financial problems either opt for law programs with education loans or leave the option for the simple reason that they can’t afford to spend this high of an amount.

Most of them fear the mental pressure that they’ll have to face while graduating with debts.

You might be wondering why there’s so much money on the line. Are there any scholarships available in law schools? Yes, there are scholarships available for law students. Eligible candidates can avail themselves of such scholarships, they are small scholarships as well as full-ride scholarships.

Law schools generally offer three types of scholarships:

  •  Merit based scholarships
  •  Need based/ Merit cum means of scholarships
  •  Criteria based scholarships

Most law schools provide at least one of these categories of scholarships, with need-based scholarships being the most common. Do enquire about scholarship opportunities available at law schools you want to opt for and choose accordingly.

Law schools also award scholarships during admissions on the basis of the rank of the student in the respective competitive entrance examination.

Merit-based scholarships as the name suggests are provided to some meritorious aspirants with excellent academic records and prior achievements. We can take examples of scholarships awarded by various law colleges in India on the basis of your ‘CLAT’ rank in the 1st year and on the basis of your academic performance in additional years.

Need-based scholarships are awarded by law schools based on a student’s demonstrated financial difficulties in meeting needs. The primary responsibility for evaluating a student’s financial necessity rests with law schools. These are provided by various universities to support students by aiding them financially or waiving off part of their tuition fees.

The decision of Amity University to waive off the fee of students who lost the bread earner during the pandemic can be termed as a need based scholarship.

Criteria based scholarships are ones that are awarded to candidates falling under specific categories as fixed by the law school. For example, UPES Dehradun offers a 25% scholarship on overall fees to ‘girls’.

Almost every law school offers scholarships in some form or the other. Enquire about it, take benefit of it if you are an eligible candidate.

At the Institute of Law, Nirma University, we have two types of scholarships; Merit-based and Merit cum means based on which we can get financial aid.


Abiding by the terms and conditions, we can apply for the scholarships in our respective law schools after enquiring about the availability of such schemes.



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