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October 3, 2021

A law aspirant while preparing for the law entrance examinations is intrigued and fascinated by the various opportunities that law schools offer not just in terms of academics and lucrative blue-collar jobs but also research, mooting, debating, journal writing, and internships. These facets motivate an aspirant to work extremely hard so that they can make it to their dream law school. 

After doing all the hard work and finally acing the exams and getting admission into the college of their choice most law students come to terms with various activities like academic learning, submission of projects, moot court memorials and orals, debating rounds, and whatnot. 

At this juncture when one starts to feel that there is too much on his plate, various questions start surfacing in their minds like- is it important to get good grades or doing extracurricular activities will be more rewarding and if both are important then how to manage them together. In this blog, we will lay down the process for maintaining a balance between the two throughout the five years of your law school journey. 

The first year of your law school is a transition phase where you should try to sensitize yourself to the law school culture. You should focus on academic stuff as examinations and project work. Outside of the four walls of the classroom or in current times outside of four walls of your room you should explore every arena like mooting, debating, committee work, etc. 

By the time you come to your second year, you will be able to analyze that which are the activities you enjoy doing and how much time you need to devote to maintain decent academic grades. In the second year continue to take part in only those activities which you are passionate about. Your summer and winter holidays during these years offer you the time to hone the required skills for excelling in these activities. 

Mostly by the time you come into the third year, there is an increased academic burden and also the added responsibility of securing good internships. For securing good internships your academic performance must be up to the mark, therefore, you need to devote comparatively more time to academics, and here the skills that you developed in the past two years that you acquired come in handy.

In the fourth and fifth years of law school, you must become more career orientated and therefore try to devote more time to those areas of law where you want to build a career. Try to obtain good quality notes from your classmates for those subjects you don’t want to make a career in. 

Apart from law extracurriculars, it is important to pursue your hobbies like music, sports, watching tv shows, or maybe reading books. Try to find time out for these as well. Talk to more people about how the process works and you should do good.  

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