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October 19, 2021

Welcome to this prestigious branch of education called ‘Law’!

Being a fresher, you will come across various opportunities which will help you in building your basics and in polishing your inherent skills.

Law as a field is very wide and enormous. Here you can do anything you wish to do, cherish anything that nature has to offer you. But always keep in mind that studying has no substitute. If you want to be a good lawyer, you have to study sooner or later. So, better start it from the first year as next year’s course or curriculum won’t let you study the previous years’ subjects. So, never trust tomorrow as it can spoil your today. Be curious and take part in various activities like mooting, writing, debating, or whatever it is that you find interesting.

Try to think beyond books. Look for what the world is calling for. Look for internships that interest you and can help you gain practical aspects of the law. It might seem difficult to figure out where to intern and how to proceed. So, to keep it simple and easy, you can start with an HRLN/NGO internship. Also, you can start with the National/ State Legal Services Authority or lower courts. Read prerequisites of interning with various organizations based on your area of interest. Go ahead and explore the options available.

Discussion and debate are central aspects of the law. Having healthy debates on contentious issues with your teachers and fellow students is the key to excelling in the field of law. While doing so, always keep in mind that it requires the backing of clear logical thought and case laws. Study smart and focus on learning rather than the outcome. You should have the ability to read and comprehend legal texts. So, better prepare yourself from the beginning.

Consistency is important, not prolonged study hours. Keep track of your mental and physical health to perform better. Also, don’t be afraid of making mistakes but try to make sure that the same mistake is not repeated again and again. Focus on your weaknesses and try to convert them into your strengths. Make sure that by the end of your first year, you must have done at least one moot court and two internships. In order to do good in law, you are also required to improve your writing and communication skills. It is the most important of all the skills as your legal knowledge would be of no use if you are incapable of expressing it.

Focus on networking and learning. Take note of how to deal with people. And try to learn as much as you can because, at last, this is what goes with you and the rest become subsidiary. Lastly, I would like to say that embrace in every sphere of life, be social, environmental, sports, writer and so on.

Also, along with your studies, cherish & fully enjoy the life of being a student, as it is never going to come again.

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