Is it necessary to graduate from an NLU to have a successful law career in India?

November 30, 2021

The number of law institutes in India is increasing, as law is becoming one of the most popular subjects of higher education in India. Every law student aspires to get admission to a prestigious law school, where they will be moulded to the best of their abilities.

To have a successful legal profession, admission to a good law school is critical. NLUs, or National Law Universities, are regarded as among the best universities in India for law studies. Many law students aspire to study at tier-1 NLUs like NLSIU and NALSAR because they have the best government infrastructure, are centrally managed, and are recognized as institutions of national importance but this is not all.


The placement area of NLUs is the main element for which the students want to study in the NLUs. The facts confirm that students can become legal practitioners in the wake of graduating with BCI (Bar Council of India) endorsed law courses, however concentrating in NLU is the best approach to get into corporate also for the students. The top law offices like to recruit young law graduates from the NLUs.

Having opportunities to learn new things, to take part in the competition can help a law student form into an extraordinary legal counsellor, and all this is offered at an NLU. Yes, even some top private schools offer pretty much the same number of chances,  NLU does have a lead in this matter.

The leading law firms in the country and around the world prefer to hire fresh law graduates from NLUs. Being a government institution, the students can study there by paying an ostensible educational expense sponsored by the government, which is far superior to taking up the course in private universities where the yearly educational expenses can go as high as Rs. 5-10 lakhs.

It is critical to incite affirmation in a generally excellent law school to shape an effective profession inside the field of law. Therefore, each student dreams of getting that visa to get into an NLU.


  • There are certain drawbacks or downsides as well to studying at NLUs. Not all specializations are available at every NLU. Only four NLUs, for example, offer the undergraduate course of BBA LL.B.
  • The NLUs usually use old and traditional teaching pedagogy, which can cause the institute to fall behind when it comes to new teaching techniques and pedagogy.
  • NLUs admit only a few students each year, so the competition is fierce. Students have to compete fiercely to gain admission to any NLU.
  • Furthermore, not all NLUs are good. Few low-tier NLUs are academically inferior to good private schools as many of them have established themselves as prominent law institutes in the country, and stand at par with NLUs.
  • Private law schools have better facilities, updated pedagogy, and teaching methods that assist students to learn the subject by dvelling deeper into it. Some private universities like JGLU have great overseas faculty members who come to campus regularly. Many private institutes ensure that all students receive internship and placement support. In private law schools, diversity is a positive point.
  • NLUs solely teach law, whereas private schools allow students to engage with students and peers from other departments and courses, which helps to broaden their reach and enhance flexibility among law students.

Therefore, graduating from NLUs is not at all required for a successful legal profession in India. Though there are few advantages to graduating from an NLU, this does not imply that NLUs are required for success. Other good private law schools strongly compete with NLUs and produce better legal graduates than a few NLUs.

After all, it depends on your hard work, not the law school you go to.



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In NLUs, the college only teaches law but in the private colleges, the students can interact with students and peers from other departments and courses such as engineering, management, mass communication, etc. Apart from all these advantages, even when it comes to branding enjoyed by NLUs, Jindal Global Law School has built a great brand.


We totally agree with you!


Where would the recruiters go in any case? They have to hire fresh talent every year no matter what, especially since so many of their business models depend on finding talented but cheaper employees to leverage highly paid partners! Also, where you hire from is a signal to the wider market as well.

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