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January 19, 2022

Having expectations before you get into a thing is quite natural. Once a law student decides to get into law school, they start to develop high expectations from their college. Having a stable legal career requires good legal education. A law student expects the college to help them open doors to new opportunities and ensure a secure and better future for them. We expect law school to develop an initiative that creates the foundation for a safe and respectful living environment.

Here I am trying to throw light on few expectations and the reality that a law student experiences from their law school.

 1. Academic culture

Every student expects a qualified academic culture from their college. When it comes to choosing the one, the leading criteria to decide is that students demand the academic and the intellectual environment in which they will live and learn.


Expecting that everything will come your way easily is the biggest mistake you will commit in your career. You will keep waiting before someone will take it away from you. Grab opportunities and prove yourself at things in which you want to be good.

2. Quality of life

It is another significant factor while choosing a law school. Even if the law school lacks in academic aspects, it should give good quality of life. We expect a law school that provides the students with a decent campus. One that provides all basic amenities with a good quality of life is super important, as it can make their life easier and happier.


The quality of the environment makes a tremendous impact on your lifestyle and the quality of life you live. Spending three to five years in a college will make you a whole new person, positively or negatively. Now the choice is yours; choose people accordingly. The people you choose to be with, are creating the environment which is making the change in you every day.


The quality of facility in a law school decides the quality of the college. To teach law, vastly experienced professors in this field are expected in a repudiated law college. It is expected from them to train us to become the most qualified effective lawyer, although it cannot be expected from all law schools but from a good law school to give world-class facility.


 You can’t choose the facility of your choice in your college but learn to manage with what you have. Not having a good facility of any subject will not make you less knowledgeable in that subject. Just be more sincere and hard-working, ask doubts frequently, and ask for help. 

4. Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the first thing that attracts students in the hope that if it’s good outside, it will be good inside too, but, unfortunately, not all colleges have good infrastructure. Eventually, it affects the growth of the students’. Infrastructure does not only mean well-furnished buildings and classes. It also means a world-class library, adequate books etc., so that the students do not face any difficulty at the time of exams. Sports ground, dispensary, a canteen that provide healthy and hygienic food etc. is also expect covered under infrastructure.


Suppose you get into a college because you were impressed by the infrastructure. Now a few months later, you realized that it was a trap. Make sure to take the review of the college from seniors. Preparing professionals requires a mixture of everything great. Don’t believe in the brochures of the college visit and check what’s true and what’s not.

5. Placements

It is expected from a good law college to give placements in six-digit salary as it shows dreams for it during the time of admission. A great law school is expected to provide its students with enormous opportunities to explore abroad and gain new interests. It is expected that all the big companies will come to your college and you will be going to any of them.


Placement as a fresher is not a cup of tea. You need good knowledge and commanding skills. Dreaming about getting six-digit salaries right after college is like hurting your expectations. No company or firm likes to pay an ample amount to any fresher. Work, learn, gain experience, and you will start earning the amount of your wish.

In conclusion, prospective law students should make a sound decision based on accurate self-analysis so that they find a rewarding career ahead.

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