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  1. Legal blogs: These articles would revolve around the current trends in law. Make sure there is legal backing for every assertion you make.
  2. Law school life-based blogs: This portal demands an experience-based blog. From how to enter a law school to what after your graduate!
  3. Case briefs: For this section, you can submit an IRAC Analysis of any landmark judgement or a recent judgement. The format you need to follow for this part is- Brief Facts, Procedural History, Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion and Comments (your opinion).

Important things to note:

  • Word limit: 800-2000 words
  • Make sure the sentences are not longer than 20 words.
  • Try to make short paragraphs. Keep in mind that each paragraph carries one idea; avoid dragging sentences and paragraphs to make it look like one big chuck of information.
  • Do not use difficult words. Instead, use simple words. Refrain from over-complicating the language with multiple words
  • Use Grammarly to make sure there is no spelling and grammatical mistakes. (Important)
  • Plagiarism- The Articles/Posts to be submitted must be the original work of the author. No Plagiarism is allowed.
  • If you borrow an idea or information, please cite it in Harvard Bluebook [20th/21st edn].
  • No footnotes are allowed. Only endnotes should be used.
  • After you publish the article with us, do not publish it elsewhere.


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Do give your full name along with the link to your LinkedIn profile in the mail because Lawocals gives credit to the original author.